Thursday, September 30, 2010

Swing High, Let Go & Fly

On my way home from taking Magellan for a walk at the park this evening, I saw two kids playing on a tree swing in their yard. One was pushing the other so high - I could hear the squeals of glee from the other. Sailing through the air without a thought or care except sheer exhilaration from the freedom you feel - we should all find a swing and swing high on it everyday.

As far back as I can recall, swinging on the swings has always been my favorite thing to do on the playground. Not to take anything away from the curly slide, merry-go-round or monkey bars, but they really can't compare to the thrill of the swing. Pumping your legs and climbing higher and higher nearly touching the sky...they just can't compete.

When I was four, my dad was pushing me super high on a swing & I was delighted. The higher the better - I wanted to soar. Releasing my tight grip from the swing's chains & flinging my arms forward, I thrust myself from the swing fully expecting to fly into the sky and kiss the clouds. I did remain airborne - momentarily, but gravity being as it is, I crashed to the ground knocking the wind from my lungs & groggily looking up at my dad - who had tried to catch me but being caught off guard by my aeronautical attempt was unable to react quickly enough. After assessing me for injuries & finding none, Dad asked if I was ready to call it a day. Regaining my breath, without hesitation, I eagerly asked if he would push me on the swing one more time before heading home. I remember a huge smile crossing is face followed by a trace of strain (possibly due to the likelihood that I'd jump out again) - but he lifted me right back up in the swing and pushed me just as high as before. Though I briefly considered letting go of the swing chains, I held on tight & savored every moment of flight time.

This recollection made me ponder my bravery in current battles & struggles... Do I jump right back up? Do run home & hide? Do I give up completely? Do I push through the pain for the prize?

I'm determined to swing high, let go and fly. Regardless of whether I fall hard or kiss the clouds, I know my Father will smile & either pick me up, dust me off & put me back on the swing or watch me soar - relishing my joy.

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