Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Many of my friends are posting things they are thankful for on their Facebook pages for each day of November. I believe this is a wonderful practice and reminds me of a time when I kept what I called a "blessing book". I challenged myself to write at least one blessing I had received daily. Some days were more difficult than others but it made me keenly aware of how much we are blessed and how often we overlook the countless blessings we enjoy all the time. Much of the past three and half years, my life has been in transition. It's been incredibly frustrating, emotionally exhausting, financially challenging, and just plain hard. I think I can relate to the children of Israel who wandered in the desert for 40 years - many of whom died in the desert without inheriting their promised land. I believe God led me on this journey - much like the Israelites - though I don't attribute all the confusion, heartache, wandering or uncertainty to Him. I've made choices and not all of them were the right ones. Sometime we have to "go around the mountain" a few times before we realize the error of our ways. Sometimes the difficulties are merely to strengthen us for what lies ahead - those battles we'll face in order to cross over into "the promised land". This journey has strengthened me to a degree that I refuse to wander in the desert any longer. I remember God's promises to me and I can see them in the not too distant future - though it may not be a cake walk to possess them. I'm not willing to let go of them and I will "take the land" no matter how huge the giants who inhabit it may be. With God ALL things are possible! So, I'm tankful for the journey and its lessons. I'm blessed beyond measure and comprehension! Maybe I'll take up writing in my blessing book again. I trust this encourages and strengthens you on your journey. Relish His countless blessings by vocalizing your thankfulness every day (not just in November) and remember Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

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