Friday, April 12, 2013

Who's with Me?

It's never been my goal to be a carbon copy of anyone else, to maintain the status quo, or to settle down and live in quiet seclusion (though I've often relished the thought of the latter). I know I'm different, I was created differently, and my life displays that different-ness daily. Something inside me continually compels me to go beyond what I can see or even understand - to move beyond the average and acceptable - regardless of the opinions of others - to the supernatural and fantastical. There is a place that I know exists - beyond the hubbub of daily life, above the monotony of everyday existence - where fullness and fulfillment meet on the craggy edge of faith. I must not relent in my quest to obtain all that Love Himself has - for it is He who is my driving force on this grand and risky adventure. There is always more in Him and I want it all. It is my daily endeavor to passionately pursue Him - at all costs. As an act of my will, I will overcome doubt, depression, disillusionment, and any other obstacle that would impede my progress. With the words of my mouth I will create my destiny - knowing that life and death are therein contained. The time has come to take the authority and the power of the name of Jesus, as believers in Christ, and live the way Love intended. Who's with me?

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