Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Seasons Change

As autumn begins, I find myself, once again, in transition. Much like the seasons, I have been through many changes over the past few months. In March, I started a long-distance relationship. June marked my 40th year. At the end of September, I moved back to Indiana. I'm excited about this new season and all that God has in store - but it has been an incredibly difficult change. I thought I had rid myself of the fear of man, but some of the choices & decisions I needed to make through the last weeks have shown me otherwise...But I'm continually learning to trust God all the more, to rely on His faithfulness & unfailing, unconditional love. He is the One to Whom I answer. It is His opinion of me that counts. Yes, it is important to have trusted leaders and peers involved in life-altering decisions, but their voices should never be louder than God's. All too frequently, I've found that I have been living to please those around me - never wanting to disappoint anyone & in the process, never living my life to its fullest. This is a pattern I've seen repeated many times over the years - always seeming to let the opinions & ideas of those around me dictate my responses in order to gain their approval & favor. However, I refuse to be bitter or angry at myself or others regarding the choices I've made & instead make the choice to thank God for bringing this deep-rooted reality to light & plucking it out! As I seek Him first, making room for His insight, prompting, revelation & wisdom, I know the next 40 years will be far more fruitful & fulfilling - full of His favor - & that's infinitely more rewarding!

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