Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flurries in the Forecast

The forecast calls for flurries this morning with more accumulation tonight and tomorrow. We need it here in Denver. It hasn't snowed for about a month and most of the old snow has melted. Magellan went to the corner of the back yard this morning and rolled in what was left of it. He loves playing in it & so do it! Other parts of Colorado have gotten up to 5 feet of snow over the past week - but they don't need anymore and we do. I'd like about a foot...having a Jeep sure comes in handy!

Since I was out of town, visiting Southern California from Friday through Monday, my regular routine is out of whack. I'm living with an older woman who no longer drives and help her with keeping the house clean, going to the grocery store, doctors appointments and hair salon. She's very sweet and mentally sharp. She'll be 88 on her next birthday. Since it's supposed to snow today, she wants to go to the grocery store this morning. So we'll load her, Magellan and her Golden, Bisbee, up in her Camery (not one of the recalled ones) & head over to King Soopers (aka Kroger in other parts of the country). She's so cute. We both get carts and split the shopping list. We're supposed to meet in the front of the store to check out but I usually find her back in the bakery looking at cookies. She has quite the sweet tooth and we normally have a couple dozen fresh-baked cookies in the house - which continues to test my resolve to eat healthy, whole, non-processed foods as much as possible. :)

When we get back & unloaded, I'll take Magellan & Bisbee for a run, then I'll take myself for one. :)

This afternoon, I'll work on my new business. Yes. I'm self-employed again - Hallelujah! I've been praying for something exactly like this - where I can work from anywhere and far exceed any income I've known previously. It's a very exciting opportunity that I know God showed me as a result of obeying His voice and a small prompting to change what I had planned, go out of my way and walk into a business I had never even seen before He prompted me.

I encourage you to be very sensitive to God's voice. That's something He's been telling me. I've posted it on Facebook and Twitter, but obey that still small voice quickly and each time you hear Him. Don't analyze what He's saying - simply respond - no matter how silly or seemingly insignificant it may seem.

Hopefully, I'll be playing in the snow with Magellan, Bisbee and Reepacheep (my Jeep) tomorrow.

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