Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Play-It-Safe Lackeys Prohibited

It seems that I'm daily reminded that I need to let Jesus be in charge and there's always more in God - that I'm supposed to live a life full of signs, wonders and miracles following me because I'm possessed by Jesus and He's coming out all over!

In Matthew 21:21& 22, "Jesus said, 'If you embrace this kingdom life and don't doubt God, you'll not only do minor feats like I did to the fig tree, but also triumph over huge obstacles. This mountain, for instance, you'll tell, 'Go jump in the lake,' and it will jump. Absolutely everything ranging from small to large, as you make it a part of your believing prayer, gets included as you lay hold of God'."

Embrace Kingdom Life & Lay Hold of God

Matthew 25:26, 28-30 reads, "The master was furious. 'That's a terrible way to live! It's criminal to live cautiously like that! Take the thousand and give it to the one who risked the most. And get rid of this 'play-it-safe' who won't go out on a limb. Throw him out into utter darkness'."

It's Criminal to live Cautiously & Risk = Reward

Jesus was living life, walking through a field with His disciples. Some of the guys pulled some grains off the stalks and ate them. The Pharisees were furious - always pointing to the letter of the law and finding ways to make the true believers and followers of Jesus look like irreverent blasphemers (while actually incriminating themselves as loveless hypocrites). They were overwrought by the idea that His disciples did "work" on the "Sabbath". Jesus is quoted in Mark 2:28 as saying, "The Sabbath was made to serve us; we weren't made to serve the Sabbath. The Son of Man is no lackey to the Sabbath. He's in charge."

Serving Religion brings Condemnation & Serving Jesus brings Freedom

So...I'm embracing Kingdom life & laying hold of God. I refuse to live cautiously regarding any aspect of my life. I will risk anything and everything to fulfill all God destined for me. I will serve Jesus and live in His freedom, regardless of what anyone may say or think of my actions. No play-it-safe lackeys here!

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