Wednesday, February 10, 2010


At 36 years old, I've been reflecting on my life and whether or not I'm fulfilling the destiny God had in mind for me. Often, I hear the words, "To whom much is given, much is required" in my head. As I wrote in a previous blog, I've always felt "special" and have always felt the weight of that responsibility. I want to make sure I'm keeping my end of the bargain! :)

A very dear friend, who has known me for over 23 years, responded to an email that I sent and once again offered loving words of wisdom and encouragement. In my email I told him I was questioning a lot of things - but specifically, my purpose. Here is an excerpt from his reply:

I think we have to look at purpose two ways. First there is a common purpose that we all share. We are here to manifest Christ. What greater reason to wake up each morning than that? It doesn't matter what role we play (sister, daughter, mother, friend, student etc. our purpose is always the same. To live so that others may see God in us. This is the purpose that connects us to each other every day.

There is another purpose that is specific to each of us. I think there are three questions we have to ask ourself that will help us find our individual purpose.
1. Are we good at it. (What is our gift or talent?)
2. Does it fulfill me? (We can be good at something but if it doesn't bring us fulfillment
then it is not
our purpose.)
3. Would I do it for free? ( Not that we should but if we had all the money we needed
would we still
get up everyday and do what we are doing because we love it.) This does not mean
that we should not retire one day. It just means that we might not retire as soon as

I think God meant for us to wake up every day happy about what we do. We should not have to go to work. We should want to go. Max Lucado calls it living in our "sweet spot." This means "we do most what we do best."

I don't know if that's helpful to you or not, but it was and is helpful to me. That's why I wanted to pass it along.

May God continue to show you His path and give you the ears to hear, eyes to see and the will to choose obedience to Him in all things.

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